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Our specialties:

  • Slabs & Foundations
  • Concrete Driveway Apron Replacement
  • Concrete Sidewalks & Patios
  • Garage Foundation, Block & Concrete Repair
  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Repair & Replacement

Concrete Contractor Apple Valley, Minnesota.

If you live in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and you need help with concrete, Christian Brothers Foundation & Concrete is here to help.

Types of Concrete Work We Specialize in:

Concrete Driveway Apron Repair Apple Valley, Minnesota

One of the main types of work we do is concrete apron repair and garage block repair.

During the harsh Apple Valley, Minnesota winters, water will get in between your garage and the apron or driveway, and that leak will start to erode the base the apron or driveway was poured or laid upon.

Concrete Aprons start to erode, crack, and even let water in to your foundation over time. The key is to make sure you choose a Apple Valley based concrete apron replacement contractor that not only knows how to install a new apron, but will help you assess and address water remediation (take care of water drainage problems)

What Makes the Best Concrete Contractor in Apple Valley, Minnesota?

Let's talk about what it takes to have an excellent concrete product that lasts a very long time.

Is one of the top rated concrete companies in Apple Valley or in the 55044 ZIP Code area, we take great pride in building a legacy and reputation of excellence.

7 Things to look for in your Apple Valley Concrete Contractor:

1 - Work with a Concrete Contractor that Addresses Water Drainage

2 - Look for Lots of Great Reviews & Examples of Work

3 - Emphasis on Establishing a Perfect Base to Pour On

4 - Attention to Relief Cuts

5 - Has a plan to provide higher quality concrete

6 - Doesn’t Rush but Moves Swift

7 - Experienced Crew of Technicians vs. Low Skill

Deep Dive:

1 - Work with a Concrete Contractor that Addresses Water Drainage

We will always teach you the root causes of concrete problems.

Water is one of the most important things to address.

If you don't pay close attention to water remediation and the drainage around your concrete projects, it won't take very many seasons for your new concrete to start cracking and sinking again.

When you choose Christian Brothers Foundation & Concrete as your contractor of choice, you will be getting an experience team dedicated to providing insight around what is causing your problems with concrete.

We understand not every Apple Valley resident will be able to fully address all of their drainage and water issues at every concrete repair or concrete replacement job, but we’ll at least inform you about the root causes.

2 - Look for Lots of Great Reviews & Examples of Work

This goes without saying, but you should only choose a Apple Valley based concrete business that has lots of real reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. You don't want to choose a concrete company that is hard to work with, leaves people unsatisfied, or has a reputation for poor craftsmanship and quality.

Here at Christian Brothers concrete and foundation, we are honored to have served hundreds of families in:




Prior Lake


Apple Valley

If you take a look at our Google reviews and our Facebook reviews, you'll see that we work hard to treat people right and perform amazing work

3 - Emphasis on Establishing a Perfect Base to Pour On

When you have inconsistencies in the thickness of your concrete, you won't be able to place proper relief cuts, and you'll find that your concrete starts to crack prematurely and will even start crumbling and shortening the life of your concrete slab, concrete patio, concrete driveway or concrete driveway apron.

When we lay a foundation, we don't just rake and get a generally good and flat foundation, we work painstakingly to ensure that the base is as flat as possible.

That means we do things the hard way so that your concrete lasts much longer than the typical Apple Valley concrete contractor is going to do.

When you choose Christian Brothers Construction as your Apple Valley concrete contractor, you'll see an attention to detail around the base and our leveling that our competitors simply don’t provide.

4 - Attention to Relief Cuts

We have been doing concrete for over 20 years, and along with our attention to detail on the concrete base and the level, we also are very particular about our concrete relief cuts.

Without boring you, will let you know that using the proper amount of rebar, along with the proper relief cuts and sicknesses, will lead to a piece of concrete lasting decades longer than when it is rushed or hurried.

5 - Provides Extra High Quality Concrete

Concrete will spall, crack and fall apart if it’s not done right.

Most of the concrete you’ll buy here in Minnesota is held to a high standard, but we demand more for our customers.

We don’t use the lowest bid concrete product that your typical concrete business or concrete company is going to use, we use product with a higher concentration of Portland that leas to higher PSI levels.

We are the best concrete contractor in Apple Valley, Minnesota and the entire 55044 area of Dakota County because we pay close attention tot the quality of all of our work.

6 - Doesn’t Rush but Moves Swift

Concrete contractors of Apple Valley will all agree that the weather in the shortened season makes our life more difficult.

You'll want to be where that your contractor can move quickly, hold onto schedules, adapt to the weather, but also doesn't rush and hurry.

We've established our reputation over the past two decades by ensuring that work is done promptly but never hurrying or taking shortcuts.

7 - Experienced Crew of Technicians vs. Low Skill

Last, you will find a much better concrete contractor if you can identify which ones have more seasoned, highly trained and experienced employees.

Insured, the concrete industry can often be filled with low skilled workers that rush and hurry.

If you choose Christian Brothers Concrete & Foundation for your Apple Valley, Minnesota job, you'll see that our team of veteran concrete professionals will be the ones handling your job and all of our apprentices and employees get a higher level of training than what's typical.

Apple Valley Concrete Contractor

If you're looking for the best company to do your concrete driveway and you've been looking for a Apple Valley-based concrete driveway company, Christian Brothers Foundation & Concrete would love to earn your business and help you either replace your asphalt driveway with concrete, or update an old and broken concrete driveway.

If you are looking for an additional expansion on your current driveway to park an RV or an extra vehicle, that's some thing that we specialize in as well.

Christian Brothers Construction provides concrete driveway services in Apple Valley, Minnesota and the entire south metro twin cities region around Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Concrete Apron Replacement in Apple Valley, Minnesota

What's the best concrete apron replacement company in Apple Valley, Minnesota?

Christian Brothers Construction & Concrete is the highest rated concrete contractor that specializes in driveway aprons and garage block repair.

If you've been searching for Apple Valley based driveway apron contractors, and Christian Brothers Construction would love to earn your business.

Apple Valley based concrete sidewalk companies

If you need help with a concrete sidewalk in Apple Valley, Minnesota, or if you've been searching for concrete sidewalk repair or if you need to install a new concrete sidewalk or pathway, Christian Brothers construction and concrete would love to earn your business.

Concrete Sidewalk Installation Services by Christian Brothers

Whether you are a commercial building, church, homeowner or even a rural property and you need a concrete contractor to help you with your concrete sidewalk repair, concrete sidewalk installation, or even concrete sidewalk removal, then please contact us here and we will help you with all of your concrete sidewalk needs.

When you choose to get your concrete sidewalk from Christian Brothers construction, you will get attention to detail, particularly when it comes to the final grade and base that your sidewalk concrete pour will be supported by.

In Apple Valley, Minnesota, concrete sidewalk skin spa, chip, crack and have many other concrete problems because the snow and terrible frost and thaw cycles.

Concrete Sidewalk Company in 55044

So, if you’re in Apple Valley and you’re searching for a concrete company to help you with sidewalks, driveway aprons, a concrete slab for a shed or building, or even a driveway addition for an RV or third vehicle, then we would love to help you out!

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