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If you have a leaking basement, or drainage is an issue, drain tile is one of the most important steps to help reduce water problems.  There's a big difference in the way drain tiles can be installed, call Mike or Tony to discuss your problems and what solutions should be considered.

Drain Tile by Christian Brothers

Drain tile is a piping system that directs water away from your house and is necessary to every building project.  Water removal is critical to the longevity and safety of your home, because water can damage even the most durable building materials.If you have issues like a wet basement, water running down your block walls, water puddling around the house, etc.; you can probably get great results from installing drainage tile. Make sure to get any water problems addressed immediately as water can erode your foundation over time.

Drain Tile Installation
Depending on the particular project, drain tile can be installed in the basement, outside your foundation, or in your yard. It is important that drainage tile is installed correctly with a constant pitch going away from the house and proper drainage rock surrounds it. In most cases, the drainage pipe should be covered with a mesh sock to prevent sand and soil seeping in. Most often hydrostatic pressure is relieved once it is installed allowing water seepage from cracks or soil to have a proper exit route.

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Interior & Exterior Drain Tiles

At Christian Brothers Construction & Concrete, we use only high quality materials and methods to install your interior and exterior drainage tiles. Interior drainage tile is inserted below the concrete slab by digging up a portion of your basement floor. The pipe is installed and covered with washed gravel, and then we replace the concrete.

For exterior drain tile, we dig a portion of your yard and install the tile in order to relieve oversaturated soil and divert standing ground water. Exterior drain tile can greatly improve the attractiveness and function of your yard.

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Our Beliefs

The Process

We take a comprehensive look at each problem, with a keen eye on water management. Minnesota chimney and foundation repairs require more than concrete or masonry, it requires respect for what water does in our freeze-thaw climate.

Value & Craftsmanship

We want our work, and your home, to last a long time. We deliver quality craftsmanship, focusing on addressing the core cause of a problem, never using cheap bandaids. Many foundation repair and chimney companies take shortcuts or only "take orders", rather than provide expert solutions.

Customer Service & Kindness

We know that leaking basements, foundation repair, and chimney repair are stressful situations, and we want to make this as easy as possible.


Integrity means everything to us, from the way we communicate on the phone, perform our tasks, hire, and manage our teams, we want to be marked by integrity.

From the foundation up, excellence, integrity & value.