How to Fix Basement Flooding

As of the time that this is being written, it's spring in Minnesota! We're looking forward to seeing snow give way to rain to signify that warm weather is on the way. At this very moment, we're seeing much colder temperatures than usual, but that doesn't change the fact that it's the wet season here in the upper midwest. For some homeowners, that means it's just about basement flooding season. It's not always fun to talk about, but this is definitely the time of year that we see homes flooding left and right. If that sounds all too familiar to you, it's time to get the water out of your basement once and for all! How is that done? Proper drainage and runoff. Here's what you need to do to ensure that your basement stays dry this season and for years to come.

The Basement Flooding Solution

Drain tile is your key to having a house that doesn't flood. The concept of it is simple, but having it set up properly is extremely important - otherwise, it will be entirely useless. Simply put, drain tile is a system of pipes that are put in place to direct water away from your home so that it can be safely distributed elsewhere. Even if you don't have any issue with your home flooding today, it's a good sign that your drainage system isn't working if you regularly find pools of water next to your home. This puddling can cause serious problems including damage to your homes foundation.

How Drain Tile Works

The location that drain tile is installed depends on your home, your foundation, and your unique situation. In some cases, it's best to install drain tile directly in your basement or outside next to the foundation. In other cases, it's most sensible to install it into your yard. Wherever it is that drain tile's installed, it's absolutely essential that it's done correctly. Pitch matters, and hitting the correct balance is exactly what's necessary to protect your basement from leaks or floods. It's also important to ensure that your drain tile is protected from the elements, and a responsible installer will be careful to arrange for that. In many cases, the best solution is the use of a mesh sock that protects the drain tile from soil or sand buildups that would decrease the effectiveness of the piping.


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