Concrete Driveway Aprons

If you need your driveway apron repaired, it's important that you work with a concrete contractor that's committed to helping you address your overarching water and foundation problems as well, because a crumbling or sunken driveway apron is the result of water and weather.

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Foundation repair, chimney renovation, drain tile & water management.

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Concrete Apron Replacement and Repair

Driveways in Minnesota get absolutely hammered by the elements and one of the major ways that where in tear occurs is at the driveway apron. Moisture, freeze and thaw cycles, and time itself can cause the concrete between your driveway and your garage floor to sink, crack, or begin to crumble. Christian brothers construction specializes in removing and replacing concrete driveway aprons with an eye on water management and long-term wisdom.

One way that we set ourselves apart is by helping you inspect your foundation near the garage in order to watch out for any further erosion that might cause deeper damage to your garage or foundation.

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The Process

We take a comprehensive look at each problem, with a keen eye on water management. Minnesota chimney and foundation repairs require more than concrete or masonry, it requires respect for what water does in our freeze-thaw climate.

Value & Craftsmanship

We want our work, and your home, to last a long time. We deliver quality craftsmanship, focusing on addressing the core cause of a problem, never using cheap bandaids. Many foundation repair and chimney companies take shortcuts or only "take orders", rather than provide expert solutions.

Customer Service & Kindness

We know that leaking basements, foundation repair, and chimney repair are stressful situations, and we want to make this as easy as possible.


Integrity means everything to us, from the way we communicate on the phone, perform our tasks, hire, and manage our teams, we want to be marked by integrity.

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