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We are Minneapolis / Twin Cities concrete specialists, and we provide a full array of exterior concrete services such as concrete driveway apron repair or replacement, curbs and sidewalks, concrete patios, and even concrete driveways.

Exterior Concrete Solutions

Patios, Sidewalks, Aprons, & More

In our challenging climate, where freezing and thawing cause damage, replacement often proves to be a more lasting solution, but we offer a wide range of exterior services including repairs or replacements for driveway aprons, curbs, sidewalks, and patios.

Concrete Driveway Aprons, Sidewalks & Patios

If you already have old concrete or asphalt in place, we will tear it out and fill the area with compacted soil. We will grade it to the proper height, level it out, and add reinforcement like rebar and expansion joints. Then, we will pour new concrete that will last you for many decades to come!

Stamped Concrete

One of the best things that we get to do is concrete contractors is help people put in concrete patios with decorative stamped concrete. People are able to easily transform their bare backyards and front yards into amazing living spaces at a pretty reasonable rate. Whether are you looking to put in a concrete decorative slab, or you like the idea of doing a concrete patio with a fire pit or a place that you can grill and entertain, Christian Brothers would love to hear about your dream and see if we can't make it come true.

Driveway Apron Repair

Stamped concrete is highly decorative and comes in an array of designs, patterns and finishes. Besides that, there are quite a few different colors you can choose for stamped concrete and decorative concrete, which allows the look and feel of more expensive stone.

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Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities

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We service the Minneapolis, St . Paul Twin Cities metro area, particularly from Minneapolis south, all the way to Northfield, and from Eden Prairie in the west to Woodbury in the east.

Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities

Concrete Removal Company

If you're looking for a Minneapolis or St. Paul, twin cities concrete removal company, that's one of our specialties as well. Concrete removal is one of those jobs that nobody likes to do, but when you are repairing a sidewalk, foundation, or trying to get your pool concrete slabs safe again, you'll want a company that focuses on quality, and understands how to make sure that drainage and water mitigation is taken into consideration so that you do not have further damage to your concrete.

Quality vs. Low Bid Concrete Contractors Minneapolis

Look, there are essentially two different ways concrete companies operate here in the Minneapolis Twin Cities or Saint Paul suburban region. You have companies that take their time to do things properly in light of the incredibly harsh freeze and thaw conditions, and you have those that are just trying to get the job done at the lowest price and as fast as possible.

One major factor that goes into the cost and bid of a concrete contractor is their ability to work with concrete that isn't too high of a moisture content. The more water you put into a concrete mix, the easier it is to pour and level. But, the more water that's inside of concrete, the more problems you will have with aggregate settling to the bottom and creating a cement
lair that is not only less sturdy, but will also have problems with chipping and cracking very quick.

Concrete and cement, along with the stones in aggregate and sand, are kind of like baking a cake. You need to have the proper distribution of stone, gravel, and aggregate, in order to have high-quality concrete throughout. Besides that, there are risks when it comes to the moisture content and make up of the aggregate, meaning that you need to make sure that you get it from a source that is shown to have long-term protection against concrete chips and micro explosions. There are a number of concrete companies here in the Twin Cities and concrete suppliers, that are less concerned about the quality of their concrete, as long as it follows the state and federal regulations. Christian Brothers on the other hand, is far more interested in doing things the hard way, and getting the highest quality concrete mixture, mixing it as dry as possible so that it remains strong and our craftsmanship is better than our competitors.

Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities
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We're a family owned, integrity based concrete, masonry, foundation & chimney repair company based out of Burnsville. We service the entire south metro Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities region, including these communities.