8 Best Bloomington Foundation Repair Companies

If you're seeking experts in foundation repair in Bloomington, you've come to the right place.

We've assembled a list of top-notch foundation repair services in the Bloomington, MN area, but we'd also like to take this opportunity to offer our services.

We are Christian Brothers Construction, a company specializing in foundation repair.

If you're dealing with foundation issues, we'd be delighted to have the chance to serve you.

Why did we curate this list of the best foundation repair services in Bloomington?

Well, our aim is to become the most trusted, reliable, and effective foundation repair company in Bloomington.

Compiling this list gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and showcase our expertise.

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Now, lets get into the best Bloomington foundation repair companies.

8 Best Bloomington Foundation Repair Companies

#1 Bloomington Foundation Repair Company - Christian Brothers Construction

Christian Brothers sprang from the combined passion for construction, entrepreneurship, and service that co-founders Mike Ricke and Anthony Lebens share.

We specialize in providing solution to issues with foundations, concrete, and chimneys through repairs and renovations.

We don't cut corners, we don't leave people hanging, and we make sure that problems are solved properly.

#2 Bloomington Foundation Repair Company - Drew Gardner Concrete and Waterproofing

Drew Gardner Concrete & Waterproofing is a 3rd generation company proudly serving the Twin Cities area since 1949.

They are dedicated to providing top notch service and guarantee all work.

The crew is cross trained in a variety of concrete applications as to provide you with a best finished product.

#3 Bloomington Foundation Repair Company - Zick's Concrete Solutions LLC

Independently owned and operated, Zick's Concrete Solutions is a proud provider of concrete for residential customers in Bloomington.

Owner Todd Zick, who has lived in Bloomington for more than 40 years, prides himself on being a hands on professional, working with his crew on every job to guarantee that the homeowner receives the best possible outcome.

With over 20 years of experience and problem solving, Zick's offers personal, reliable service.

#4 Bloomington Foundation Repair Company - DBS

Since 2012, DBS has been providing expert home improvement services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Known for being the experts in All Things Basementy!™ and more, their highly-trained team is committed to providing top-quality service and products to their customers.

They provide foundation repair, basement finishing, concrete repair, and home insulation installation.

#5 Bloomington Foundation Repair Company - Gardner Construction, Inc.

The company was established in 1996 when brothers Jerry & Rob Gardner ventured out after working for many years with their father who was nearing retirement.

Gardner Construction, Inc., built a solid reputation based on its professional craftsmanship, reliability and outstanding service to their customers.

With their years of experience and knowledge, they can help homeowners determine which method of repair is best for each situation.

#6 Bloomington Foundation Repair Company - Classic Company LLC

Classic Company is built upon a solid foundation of family values, enduring partnerships, and a reputation for delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Their team has grown up in the concrete profession and brings an uncommon level of skill, care, and dedication that’s instilled in their roots.

They do concrete for houses, as well as doing it for commercial properties.

#7 Bloomington Foundation Repair Company - Nova Concrete LLC

Their goal at Nova Concrete has been to provide all of their clients with remarkable service.

They have over 25 years in the industry and have been serving Twin Cities and the surrounding suburbs.

Concrete driveways, aprons, retaining walls, concrete steps, sidewalks, garage floors, and patios are their bread and butter.

#8 Bloomington Foundation Repair Company - AAA Reick's Landscaping & Waterproofing

For 35 years, AAA Reick's have been making the homes of Minneapolis - Saint Paul safe from leaks, and craft an enjoyable basement.

Their team of experts understands the importance of working from the outside at the source of the problem to provide effective waterproofing solutions.

They use a proven, customer-focused approach to keep your basement dry and your home's foundation strong.