4 Concrete Patio Ideas that will Bring Your Dream Backyard to the Next Level

4 Stunning Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Area

You don’t need to use high-maintenance materials like pavers or wood to have a stunning patio space. If you want a backyard entertainment area that's durable, low maintenance, and eye-catching, then these 4 concrete patio ideas are perfect for you.

Concrete Patio Idea #1: Create a Space with Multiple Seating Areas

The crew at Curb ‘n Decor in De Pere, Wisconsin, know that the secret to a more dynamic patio is separating your seating areas. Think about each aspect of a good backyard barbeque: food, good conversation, and a fire pit to sit around at the end of the night.

The best trip for food to take from kitchen to table is the shortest one possible so design your dining area to be closest to the backdoor.

Off to the side, have a space to place your grill or smoker with a little extra room to chat with the grill master as they serve up some burgers.

Lastly, add a fire pit area a little ways off the house so you can keep the smoke away and enjoy being further out into your backyard.

Concrete Patio Idea #2: Use Concrete Stairs as a Transition Piece


Who says the patio has to be right off the house? This epic backyard patio idea from Ag-Trac Enterprises in Utah is perfect for the property with a view. Step up your patio game with a concrete staircase to transition you from the yard up to a seating area that overlooks your fields, bluffs, or waterfront property.

Concrete Patio Idea #3: Make a Multilevel Patio for Uneven Ground


Speaking of separate patio spaces, a great way to add dimension to your entertaining space is to add levels. Take a look at how Briese Custom Concrete in Oregon used this unlevel backyard to their advantage with a great multilevel patio.

Get creative and give each level a purpose. Consider making your grill master king of the hill too, having their set up on the highest level with your seating area down the staircase, closer to the yard. If your house is on a slope, this is the perfect idea to bring your backyard to the next level.

Concrete Patio Idea #4: Connect Spaces with this Concrete Pathway Idea

Bring multiple spaces together with a custom path like this one from the back patio to a circular fire pit. This is another project from Curb ‘n Decor to take notes from to use these unique shapes like stepping stones to the fire pit.

If you have a cultivated flower garden or enjoy a clean-looking mulch bed, a creative path from one area to another will bring attention to the space in the best way. With this arrangement, guests will have a moment to admire your landscaping and pay you a well-deserved compliment for your beautiful backyard.

If you like these ideas and you're considering a patio of your own, Christian Brothers Concrete would be honored to help you out. Check out our project galleries for additional ideas and inspiration. And, give us a call for to schedule a free consultation!